Award and Scholarship Winners at TLCA San Angelo High School

This past week students from TLCA San Angelo High School received their end-of-the-year awards and SENIORS received their scholarship awards. It was truly an incredible time as parents and students came together to celebrate all of these accomplishments!

Texas Leadership was also proud to award over half of the High School student body with A/B Honor Roll, and a solid 10% with "A Honor Roll."

Congratulations goes to:

Our 2022 Valedictorian: Jadyn Zemlock

Our 2022 Salutatorian: Georgia Gray

Award for our Top 10 Percent Of The 2022 Senior Class

Jadyn Zemlock, Georgia Gray, Tyeson Smith, Jayden Verdooren, Burgandy Hisaw, Joshua Mangaring, Angelina Knight, Ayleen Gallegos, Brandon Gluhm, and Madison Bullard

Citizen Of The Year Award:

(Senior Class) Alex Jones, Avity Arnold / (Junior Class) Emily Kennedy, Ian Schmedeke, (Sophomore Class) Drew Sherrill, DJ Maciel / (Freshmen Class) Ajay Romero and Jasmine Smith


Educational Excellence Award:

Jadyn Zemlock, Georgia Gray, Tyeson Smith, Jaden Verdooren, Burgundy Hisaw, Joshua Mangaring, Angelina Knight, Madison Bullard, Brandon Gluhm, Avity Arnold, Vince Reodica, Christian Kibler, Kara Salinas, Jerrod Bass, Joshua Jones, Kaitlyn Martinez, Matthew Hansen, Ebony Orona


Educational Achievement Award:

Meagan Morales, Ayleen Gallegos, Paris Jimenez, Maxine Finn,

Devan Vanderburg


Perfect Attendance Award Winners:

Josh Mangaring & Christopher Curry

University Interscholastic League Award

Angelina Knight, Josh Mangarang, Burgandy Hisaw, Jaden Verdooren, Tyeson Smith, Georgia Gray and Jadyn Zemlock


Texas Leadership was honored to announce MANY scholarships that were received by students. While they are not all listed here, we celebrate with our students who have worked hard to pursue a college education.

Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship:

Jayden Zemlock & Angelina Knight

Leadership San Angelo Scholarship:

Dominic Gould

Angelo State University CARR Scholarship

Kara Solinas, Joshua Mangaring, Burgandy Hisaw, Jadyn Zemlock, Georgia Gray, Dominic Gould, Brandon Gluhm, Ayleen Gallegos,

National Honors Society Scholarship:

Georgia Gray, Kaitlyn Martinez and Tyeson Smith

Jay Days Scholarship

Susan Sedillo