Hack A Bit Competition | Sign Up By July 6th

Texas Leadership is excited to announce its partnership with Nate Singer of Shift Cyber. In 2019, he led our TLCA Junior High students (along with Becca Eldredge) to victory as students took 1st place in the CyberPatriot X State Round, in head-to-head competition against schools across the State of Texas. It was a huge success and a dynamic win for our students and the team that coached them.

Nate Singer, who is prior Air Force, continued to work with some of the most elite offensive cyber operation units in our government. He now leads offensive security at an autonomous vehicle startup called Nuro. For more than a decade, he has placed enormous value on community outreach, and specifically youth cyber education. His organization "Shift Cyber" is partnered with the College Options Foundation, which leverages more than 25 years of experience in nation-wide academic competition to bring better security education to a national youth audience

Hack a Bit offers high school students the opportunity to learn how to hack and break things in a safe, ethical environment. The competition teaches bright young people how to make the world safer by fundamentally learning how hackers do what they do. Hack a Bit provides an engaging, interactive education today to identify and prepare the most vital talent to defend American people tomorrow.

Texas Leadership sees the importance of giving students innovative opportunities to dive into the world of cybersecurity and lead the way.

We are opening this opportunity to 25 students who are 13 through 18 years of age (by November 1, 2022) and who are both interested and motivated to learn more about the lucrative field of cybersecurity.

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