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Looking To Sign Your Student Up For Bus? Click Above:



Announcing Our New Bus Stop!


College Hills/Southland Area

3522 W. 306 Loop

San Angelo, Texas 76904


 Morning Pick Up: 7 a.m.

Afternoon Drop Off: 4:15 p.m.


TLCA San Angelo is excited to announce that we have added a NEW BUS STOP for the

College Hills/Southland Area located at 3522 W 306 Loop, San Angelo, TX 76904


This location is home to Texas Leadership Public Schools District Administration

and The Life Church Offices.


Click HERE TO SIGN UP with our Online Bus Form.


Have any questions? Reach out to

Texas Leadership Transportation Director, Nathan Bosworth at



See You On The Bus!

TLCA Transportation





Meet Our Transportation Team:
Nathan Bosworth
District Transportation Director
Lori Greenhaw
Assistant Transporation Manager
Rego Aguilar
Campus Bus Mechanic
Fela Salvato  |  Lead Driver
Route 5 (Chadbourne Street)
Roy Venegas  |  Route 1 Driver
Paulann / The Landings
Timothy Vonfeldt  |  Route 2 Driver
Buffalo Heights
Norma De La Rosa  |  Route 3 Driver
Chadbourne Street
Krystal Milioni  |  Route 4 Driver
College Hills / Southland Area / Christoval Road
Jerry Gibbs  |  Trip Driver
UIL, Athletics, Band

Hey Eagle Families! WE NEED YOUR HELP. We have a greater number of incidents being reported to the school about those who are not observing Speed Limits during school hours (as outlined by Texas Transportation Code § 545.352) or the Texas Leadership School Zone guidelines in our parking lots. Our School Zones have heavy pedestrian traffic between the hours of 7:00 – 8:00 a.m. in the morning and from 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon.


When you enter a school zone and/or parking lot, we ask that you are mindful:


  • Cell phone use is strictly prohibited while driving through a school zone.
  • You are required to SLOW DOWN to 20 MPH while in the Texas Leadership School Zone (light is flashing) and you may only drive 10-15 MPH in parking lots.
  • At ELEMENTARY the Car Drop Off Line (Green Zone on the attached Map) is only to be used if you do not intend to exit your vehicle and walk your student to the entrance.
  • At ELEMENTARY the Walk Up Zone (Blue Zone on the attached Map) was created for parents and guardians to PARK their vehicle and walk their student up to the door. Please note that you are NOT PERMITTED to use this zone to stop and let your student exit the vehicle on their own. You are required to park and walk with your student to the door.


The San Angelo Police Department will increase their presence at TLCA San Angelo during peak times to help ensure our student’s safety and the safety of our families while driving.


If you observe an action you think we need to be aware of, we ask that you please email info@tlca-sa.com and let us know.


Thank you for your support in helping us keep the roadways (and parking lots) safe!


The Texas Leadership Transportation Department is excited to announce the addition of Smart Tag to our transportation services.


Smart Tag is a security tool that will enable our department to:


  • Know where a student boards and disembarks a bus
  • Know when a student boards and disembarks a bus
  • Know the students that are on any given bus in real time
  • Determine the location of a bus in real time
  • Determine if a bus is on schedule


In addition, administrators will be able to determine where a bus is located that serves their campus and how many of their students are on that bus. This allows them to be able to make necessary arrangements for buses that may be running ahead or behind schedule.


Parents will soon be able to view where the bus their student rides is located on the route. More information coming soon!


In order for this new security feature to work appropriately, students will be given a badge to use for scanning on and off the bus. This badge is also their ticket for riding. If students lose a badge, they will be given 3 days to replace it before they will no longer be allowed to ride. Replacement badges will cost $5.00.


We encourage our families to make sure they have filled out a "Bus Rider's Form." This form will help us make sure that each student who needs bus transportation is enrolled in Smart Tag. We'll keep our families informed as soon as Smart Tag has officially launched (i.e. - expected in 2021)


School Bus Rider's Form: CLICK HERE


Keep checking back to our website and Social Media for more information!


If you have any questions, we encourage you to reach out to Transportation Manager, Nathan Bosworth at jack.bosworth@tlca-sa.com


The Texas Leadership Transportation Department is excited to announce the launch of the “Angel Trax Surveillance System.” With Angel Trax, Transportation can stay informed and help ensure student safety every time students embark or disembark one of our buses.


In addition we can help:

  • Protect innocent students and drivers from false claims
  • Record audio and video to show proof of bullying
  • Capture court-ready evidence of stop arm violations


Stop Arm Violations: The act of illegally passing a stopped school bus with red lights flashing. This refers to the stop-sign shaped "arm" that extends from the left side of the bus when the red lights are activated.


If you have any questions, we encourage you to reach out to Texas Leadership Transportation Director, Nathan Bosworth at jack.bosworth@tlca-sa.com



Looking For
Directions To Us?

TLCA San Angelo Elementary Campus


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3301 TLC Way

San Angelo, Texas 76901

(325) 653-3200 *Option 1


TLCA Junior High Campus


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126 S. Jackson Street

San Angelo, Texas 76901

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TLCA High School Campus


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5687 Melrose Ave

San Angelo, Texas 76901

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